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I started my custom painting business back in 1972, working out of a small rented storefront on the east side of Detroit. Without any bump shop experience I was free of the bad habits of most car painters, I actually painted the underside and edges of tanks and fenders. My lack of the ability to hand pinstripe forced me produce flawless edges on flame outlines, stripes, and graphics. This attention to detail is important on a motorcycle.

Being involved in the sport of motorcycle drag racing helped me develop an eye for knowing how to make a bike stand out from the crowd. In 1976 I painted a supercharged Kawasaki drag bike that captured Best Paint, Best Engine, and Best of Show at the last big custom bike show staged in Detroit. Looking to expand my business in 1979 I bought a larger building in order to be able to paint cars. One of my proudest moments came in 1981 when a Lotus Esprit I painted won Best of Show at the Meadowbrook Concourse de'Elegance. Right after that the recession hit and people quit spending money on custom painting. I took a job with one of the big three to make ends meet, found it was an easier way to make a living, and ended up finally selling the shop in 1987.

Since then, my garage at home has been set up with a spray booth in order to paint my own projects and jobs for old customers. I have done a lot of research on reproducing the original Kawasaki Z1 paint schemes and also found I am able to safely ship these painted body part sets across the country, or around the globe. After a couple years of painting only my own projects, I have now started painting again and I am taking in a limited number paint jobs per year.

The Paint Works Custom Motorcycle Painting specializes in drag racing designs, street and show customs, antique and classic restoration, and also renderings for race car graphics and sponsorship proposals.

I am located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.

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