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Kawasaki Z1 900 Restoration Paint

Kawasaki Z1 900 Formula Restoration Paint Now available :
Paint for 1973 thru 1978 KAWASAKI Z1's

I have finally perfected an exact tri-coat color match paint for these Japanese classics and it is now available for your restoration project. For the 1973 I offer one ounce of dry flake and one half pint of un-thinned Candy Orange or Candy Yellow Acrylic Lacquer, which is more than enough material to paint one set of body parts. This is a tri-coat paint system, which is how the factory did it back in 1973. For the 1973 you will need to have black & white for the base colors, and clear acrylic lacquers, and thinner to complete the job. I supply the Candy top coat, and Silver Flake for the mid coat. The black and white are applied as the base coats. You mix the Silver Flake in the clear and apply it for the mid coat. For the Brown/Orange the Candy Orange is applied for the topcoat, and since it is transparent, over the black area it looks brown and over the white area it looks orange. For the Green/Yellow the Candy Yellow is applied for the topcoat, and since it is transparent, over the black area it looks green and over the white area it looks yellow. For the 74 Green/Yellow and Brown/Orange I offer the same package listed above for the 73, except it comes with one half pint of un-thinned dark brown base color. All paint comes with detailed instructions for the do it yourselfer and diagrams for stripe layout and dimensions. Also perfect matches for the 1975 Kawasaki Z1B Super Candy Blue and Super Candy Maroon, and the 79 Honda CBX in both Silver and Candy Glory Red are available. 1976 thru 1978 KZ 900-1000 colors are also available as well as a few H1 annd H2 two stroke tripple colors. Everything is also now available in Urethane.

Of course, I can also paint your Kawasaki Z1 parts. The prep work begins by stripping the tank to bare metal. If the fuel tank is rusty inside I can have it chemically stripped for an additional charge. Other extra charges include dent repair on the tank, crack repair on the plastic rear tail section and side covers, and media blasting of plastic parts if they have been repainted over the factory paint. Also if you want an over restored job the gas tank can be skim coated with body filler and block sanded to even out the typical wavy factory sheet metal on the top surface for an extra charge. All parts are first sprayed epoxy primer and then sprayed with 2K primer surfacer and then block sanded again. The factory match colors are then sprayed in acrylic lacquer followed by the stripes which are all sprayed on, no decals used. The final clear is hand rubbed out to a mild orange peel factory like finish. Again if you want an over restored job for an extra charge the final clear will be water sanded and polished out to a mirror finish. The plastic parts are sprayed black underneath to look like fresh factory plastic. After curing, the parts can be packaged and shipped across the country or world if you are not in driving distance.

I also try to have painted body part kits available for immediate shipment. All the kits use original used O.E.M. tanks and tail sections. A kit includes a fuel tank, rear tail section, and new reproduction right and left side covers. Parts correct for the year and O.E.M.covers are also available for an extra charge. Reproduction and N.O.S. gas caps, tank emblems, and side cover emblems are also available.

For sample color chips, additional information, or to place an order, see the Order page and the Contact Paintworkz page.

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